Beauty is coming from the inside. As true as it is, it does not mean that we cannot support our inner beauty in shining even more brightly on the outside.

A kind of makeup suiting our personality and accentuating our features can help us feel more confident in certain life-situations. It certainly does not substitute the inner shine; it is more like a supplement.

Would you like to find the perfect colors and the right products for your skin type? Do you want to learn some tricks in order to be able to make the most out of your appearance in a quick and effective way in your busy everyday life? Perhaps would you like to change into an elegant diva sometimes or would you try an extreme style?

Whatever is your desire, we can make it happen!

Let us get lost in the world of colors and textures. Discover the beauty in your own features and become that beautiful and confident woman you have always wanted to be!

Would you like to share the experience with your girlfriends? No problem! Decide what you want to learn (everyday look, smoky eyes, eyeliner looks, party make-up, etc.) and I will do my best to realize all your wishes.


ONE-ON-ONE session (3-4 hours):

100 euro

What it contains:

- skin-care and lifestyle consultation
- the use of products
- the use of brushes and other tools
- healthy snacks and drinks

„Girls party” aka small group consultation:

- for 2: 80 euro/person
- for 3: 70 euro/person
- for 4: 60 euro/person

What it contains:

- skin-care and lifestyle consultation
- the use of products
- the use of brushes and other tools
- healthy snacks and drinks



Are you getting married soon? For some reasons you do not have the chance to hire a professional make-up artist or you just feel like trying to do your own bridal make-up but you could use some help?

I have good news: you are in the best place!

Let us find the perfect bridal look for you together and I will teach you how to do it step-by-step.

What you will learn:

  • basic make-up techniques
  • how to prepare your skin for the big day (skin-care, the right nutrition plan, etc.)
  • color and style consultation
  • everything you need to focus on on your wedding day (regarding make up and skin care :))

Bring your own products and learn how to use them professionally.

The consultation consists of two sessions:

1st session (about 4 hours) contains:

  • basics about our skin and how to take care of it properly
  • basic make-up techniques
  • planning and applying the complete bridal make-up
  • listing the products you need to get for the big day
  • brief consultation on nutrition (on demand)

2nd session (ideally about 2 hours long, 2 weeks after the 1st session) contains:

  • applying the complete bridal make-up using the old and the newly obtained products – with my assistance if needed
  • suggestions on improvement, correction


ONE-ON-ONE bridal make-up course (4+2 hours)

150 euro

Small group bridal make-up course for 2 (4+2 hours):

100 euro/person

Small group bridal make-up course for 3 (4+2 hours):

80 euro/person