Having worked in the beauty industry for many years I often saw that self-care starts with choosing the right foundation with the proper coverage. There is no doubt, you can reach short term beauty results with make-up and cosmetic treatments. However, in order to find your real beauty in the long run, being up to date with the latest trends and cosmetic products is simply not enough. You must dig much deeper than that.

My self-care routine starts with sleep, then morning yoga, a healthy breakfast and finishes with the final touches to my appearance in front of the mirror. To have eyes that shine with happiness, healthy glowing skin, energy, a flexible body, and a honest- but daring life imply so much more beauty than a geometrically perfect face or precisely done eyeliner.

Yes, beauty and health go hand in hand, it is impossible to divide them.

And when I say health- I do not mean the lack of disease, or physical well-being. For me, the word health means so much more, it means having the right diet, doing regular exercise, being honest to yourself, accepting and appreciating yourself, going after your dreams, having healthy benevolent relationships, etc. All of these things have an important role in our physical and mental health.

Believe it or not the power to make significant changes in your life and state of health lies in within you.

But to create change, serious action is needed. The best time to take action is in the present moment- here and now.

Just as your present is determined by the choices you made in the past. The thoughts you are thinking and the choices you are making now are writing your future.

Let me help you write a future that’s positive, honest, clear and discover your true beauty! Let’s turn the page together, starting today.

If you want to reveal your true beauty and your happier self, then contact me as soon as possible and get your free 30 minute Skype consultation.

I’m Nora, a holistic health & beauty coach, ardent traveler and foodie.

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